Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wine-No! Margaritas-Yes!


Yesterday was one of the first nights for me to not post anything new. Sorry about that, but I'm also sorry to say that will probably happen more often. Especially on the weekends! I guess I need to catch you all up on the past two days and let you know what's in store for me this weekend...

Tuesday evening I still wasn't feeling good at all and everyone in the house could tell. Virginia wasn't sure if it was a good idea if I was still feeling ill the next morning if I should go to work. I have been having some flu-like symptoms and it's really easy for the children in my unit to get sick. So I ended up not attending work yesterday and took the morning to rest, sleep in and get babied by all the women working in the house! They were so nice all morning bringing me fresh juice to help my throat, medicine and checking on me ever so often. A lot of the morning they were giving me advice in Spanish on how to get better but I had no clue what they were saying so AS USUAL I just smiled and nodded my head. After a full morning of rest I have felt so much better. Plus I started a Z-pack Tuesday morning and it's finally kicking in. YAY! It was truly exhausting being sick so I'm glad it's finally almost over. 

After everyone got back from work and we had lunch (it was awesome, of course) we packed up and headed out for the trip to the Winery! It was about a two hour drive due the fact that half of the trip was on dirt roads up through the mountain/volcano area. The whole ride was beautiful and we got a sneak peak of the city of Antigua, which we will be returning back to a couple of more times while we are here. I didn't get too many pictures of the city because we were in the car the whole time and it was an extremely bumpy ride but don't worry because I will be back for a whole weekend in April and I will get plenty. BUT! I did get some of the random Mayan village San Maria Jesus that was in the mountains on the way to the vineyard. The people work very hard in this area gathering wood and food around the area to sell back in Antigua and also wait around to collect water once it arrives in the area. They, as many other poor areas in Guatemala, have a severe trash problem as well. 

The Winery was absolutely gorgeous! It is in the middle of no where volcano area and it has a giant castle with beautiful scenery all around it. You can see the Volcanoes surrounding it. 
Name of the Wineria

Although we didn't eat or play while we were out there they have a restaurant and a freaking legit putt putt course as an option with the Vineyard tour. A cute little man told us the history of the place... and all about the Haitian man that decided to do the impossible (opening a winery in Guatemala). The whole thing was in Spanish and we had Virginia translating and it became very exhausting to keep up so I didn't really pay attention to most of it, sorry but geeze. All I know is the guy's name is Jack, he's super cool, he loves a challenge, everyone told him he couldn't do it and now he has the only Winery in Guatemala. Way to go, Jack. Also he's like 80 years old so he's pretty much a baller. Here's some pictures of the actual vineyard. 

Pretty Lili and Volcanoes in the background
After he gave us the tour of the entire Wine-Making process he took us inside to begin the tasting! This whole Winery is very new. They began back in 2000 but just recently got the first actual batch of "drinkable" wine in 2005-2006. They only sale to those that ask for it, you cannot find it in grocery stores, etc. You can find it in really nice hotels and some people order it specifically for their homes. Honestly...... I didn't like almost any of them. There was one pinot mixed with moscato that I didn't mind but wouldn't order it or buy it. Also there was a blackberry wine that tasted okay but still... wouldn't order it again or buy it. The last red wine we tried was extremely strong and I enjoyed the sample but don't know if I could actually drink a whole glass. Overall Lili and I both pass on Guatemalan wine - but a lot of people on the tour with us did enjoy them so I guess it's one of those things you have to decide for yourself! 

Natalie and Clark


So after we basically put our noses up to the tasting session we ran outside to the main attraction .... a litter of puppies!!! I think they were about 4-5 weeks old and they were a mix between German Shepard and who knows what else (I don't think I've seen a full bred anything since I've been here). Anyways we spent the last part of the trip playing with these adorable little cuddle bugs and it was a great way to end the tour! 

OMG love.

Overall it was a great trip... and here is the one picture I got of all of us!
Natalie, Virgina, Clark, me, Lili, Matt
The ride home seemed a little bit quicker... maybe because we were feeling a little tipsy? We stopped on the way out and checked out the ridiculous amounts of coffee trees around the area. They are everyone in Guatemala... and the coffee here is SOO good. I'm going to try and bring some back. But honestly I was exhausted as usual and it was nice to finally get back (even though it was about 8pm). We had a late dinner and basically got ready for bed, showered and just hung out in the room and talked. Natalie can basically sleep through anything so usually Lili and I stay up a little later and talk or whatever. The other night we watched some weird movie on netflix and she slept through that too. Ya we are cute. 


Gone to get drinks. Be back later.


  1. I would ask you to bring me back one of the puppies...unoffortunately I'm sure it only speaks spanish, and I don't have the time to learns spanish...THEN train a dog

  2. ha, good point nathan! but abbey those puppies are so precious! i cant wait to know how the margaritas are there, and we both know you love a good happy hour! You gotta get a picture with this Virginia girl, i want to put a name with a face! And Guatemala is treating both you and lili great because you both look so pretty in every single picture! miss you!

  3. lol I miss both of you!! Ps- Elizabeth there is a picture of Virgina and all of my current roommates (except Vince because he refuses to be in any pictures) on this post! I will try and take more though!