Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mayan Calendar

2013 is looking promising

Hokay so,

Today we had a really awesome Mayan dude named Mario come to the home-base and give us a cultural lesson on the Mayans and most importantly on their Calendar. I was pretty excited about this considering all the hustle and bustle going on with the world possibly ending and such. Anyways - Mario is a part of an ulitmate mission to preserve their way of life so he puts on these programs and works in the school systems.

Some interesting facts about his people:
  • Most can only speak their language, but cannot write it. The Mayans have about 20 different languages and Mario speaks Kaqchikel.
  • Many groups of Mayans were not even recognized until the Peace agreement that came about during the Civil War (for economic, political, etc).
  • The government saw the people and their culture as an obstacle to make the countries education, economy, way of life "up to date".
  • The see the "worst enemy of Guatemala" as the teachers. This is because they try and teach outside of their culture rather than educating as well as continuing with their culture and values. Mario works within the school systems currently to help out this ongoing issue.
  • An awareness of their culture has recently become more popular based on the famous End of the World "prediction".
  • There is a recent push for Mayan Universities, but it is very difficult politically.
Quick interesting facts about the Calendar:

  • Today was: AQ'AB'AL (one of the 20 days in month 13)
  • There are 13 months (#of the main joints you use in your body) and 20 days (# of fingers and toes) in the spiritual calendar (Sol Qij)
  • El Popol Wuj is one of the only remaining documents (the rest were unfortunately lost/burned) that explains the Mayan way of thinking.
  • The Calendar is all about finding balance within life - an intrinsic relationship.
  • Aj in Tzagat - Without you I am not complete. ('You' does not necessarily have to mean another person.. ex: nature, objects, etc)
  • Wachalal - I am you and you are me. (You should not harm one another because they are apart of you)
  • The calendar was essentially created because of the universal question: Why are we here?
December 21st, 2012:
  • that day is 'Ajpu' - a change of the sun, which brings a change in energies
  • It is just an ending of a cycle that the calendar has completed. I don't completely understand but Mario says the world shouldn't end so I left it at that... for now anyway. I want to read more about all of this.
Each day has an specific energy that creates "personalities". We each got to find out what our birth energies are and then what our destiny was. Here is mine:

November 30, 1988 = 5 Aj
  • My Nahual (kind of like a guardian angel) is the Reed, Cane or Staff. This symbolizes power and justice for the people. These are spiritual guides, people you can trust, etc.
  • Reed persons often exercise significant authority, power and leadership in their families or societies. They are not afraid to stand behind or fight for a cause they deem worthy. They are blessed with great negotiating skills and always endeavor to bring about peace, harmony and order to all of their relationships.
  • My destiny is Imox (waters - strong, territorial, brave and sometimes angry lol). I have a destiny of always being friendly, fortunate, extremely beloved and respected @ my family level, respectful of beings, a constant need of understanding, high levels of pride, possible troubles in marriage and business because of often inflexible views and high expectations. Uh oh.
Haha so there ya have it.... Kinda scary but also pretty cool. It was a really cool cultural lesson for the day! The guy had a book and a computer program  for ours but I found one similar online - I included a link below in case you wanted to check out your own Mayan energy. It's fun!

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