Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I don't feel like I have too much to update on but we will see how this turns out!

Last night I discovered Draw Something on the iPhone and had way to much fun playing that not only with Lili but with people from back home too. Ashley really sucks at it but it's great entertainment. Other than that... I just slept. This weekend definitely took a toll on me.

This morning it was really hard to get out of bed! Lili and I have been sleeping until about 7:40 before getting out of bed... but still managing to be ready to go to work before everyone else. Impressive? Yes. So between the fact that I skipped out on coffee this morning and I was struggling to stay awake on the drive to work - I figured I was in for a long day.

There are a couple of new children in the unit (I think I have mentioned that) but today was one of the first days I really got to spend any time with them. Tuesdays are always very uneventful so it was very quiet around and I noticed that most of the mothers weren't around this morning. Normally this would be bad news because most of them are upset, but today everyone was staying pretty calm. It gave me a chance to really get to bond with them without their mothers around. The only reason I like this is because I feel like I can be more of myself, especially if I don't know the parents well yet.

One of the new little girls name is Ingrid. She was crying a lot this morning but once she realized that I was there to play with her she immediately turned her mood around. She wasn't liking the idea of sharing me with everyone today so that was really funny, but once her mother got back she decided I could go play with other people. She has a really great smile/laugh and she talks a lot more than most of the children I have been with. I think it will be fun to have her around for a bit! But since Brena wasn't there today I still don't know much about her burns or how long she will be around.
She liked the camera :)
Carlos is still as cute as ever and it was great to get to play with him for about an hour this morning while his mother was showering and taking a break. It's so awesome that he feels comfortable hanging out with me while she leaves instead of getting upset. He is now wearing a mask on his face to help with the healing but he is still as cute as ever, AND like I've been saying he has become so much more talkative and social recently. It's great!
He wanted to show off all of his toys.
On a less positive note: The little baby that has been hanging on still isn't doing well. I have come to realize the more I have been around the unit that a huge part of the problem is her family. Brena told me that when the baby was originally burned they waited 8 days to even take her to a hospital (a neighbor finally told services there was a baby in need of medical attention). The mom has been disappearing a lot for long periods at a time, which is not okay because this baby needs tons of attention and care. It is technically not the nurses job to watch the child that closely. So it's been sad and I've been trying to keep an eye on her a lot while I'm around, especially since the mother disappeared once again this morning.
When I talk to her she squeezes my finger :)
Isaias and I had a ton of fun today. I am loving how happy he is lately!! He has been getting out of bed so often and even walking around places on his own. It is a truly amazing turn around and I hope it continues on this path. I got a really cute video of me tickling him. So check it out!  

Christofer is still adorable, but he is definitely a momma's boy. He is very spoiled and can act like a brat a lot of the time but when he's happy... he's too cute and it's hard to hold that against him. His mom is great though and I'm sure I'd be spoiling my child the same way if they were going through so much pain, so whatever! He really loves taking pictures and then getting to look at how they turned out. He also likes taking pictures... he took this picture of his mom!
Christofer's Mother
Love this smile.
I bought some string on Monday because I have been trying to think of more things to keep the parents busy/ not so bored. I figured I could try and teach them how to make some bracelets or whatever they come up with. They are all so creative... it's crazy! Carlos' mother made a cell phone case out of the materials I brought last time. It was impressive.

Tomorrow they will probably all show me everything they made. I only got to see the beginning of the projects this morning. I left them one of my bracelets so they could try and figure out how it was made and I bet you they will!

So today was one of the better Tuesdays, which is always nice :). I was still exhausted after work though and after lunch I took about a 2 hour nap and it rocked. Then we had Spanish lessons and those went fine too. Still don't know much Spanish, though. After that was over usually we would get ready for dinner but Lili and I decided that we were craving Italian food and decided to head to Zone 10 to try and find some place we found online. It was called Jake's and it claimed it was the best Italian food in Guatemala City. Buttttt of course as soon as we make it to where it says it's located we can't find it anywhere! Go figure. So we end up walking around and find a Mexican Food restaurant and ended up JUST as happy ordering queso, flour tortillas, chips and salsa and enchiladas (Lili) and fajitas (me). Yum!

Tomorrow after work we are heading to a Coffee Plantation in Antigua! Woohoo! And I think she mentioned that there was a Mayan Music Museum attached.... maybe? Either way I'm really excited and I will take tons of pictures!

Here's one last picture of Carlos from today with his mask off. He got a hair cut recently and I think he looks very handsome!! These are his favorite fruit that his mother brings him, but I always forget what they are called. I'll find out.
Isn't he cute?


  1. I can't believe a mom would just disappear but that's what we deal with at school when parents don't pick up their children after school and don't call and we can't reach them on the phone. Some people just should not ever have kids if they don't want to take care of them. You just keep giving those kids love and attention because that's what they need! Their smiles are so great to see!
    Love ya, Karen xoxoxo...

  2. a cell phone case?! damn. thats impressive. i still love reading these daily and getting updates of the kiddos! i miss you! have a great rest of the week!