Monday, March 19, 2012

Pura Vida... "Pure Life" ✿

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Want to know what happens when you sleep in late and then expect good coffee from earlier that morning?
Sunday. I made coffee as usual (a little after noon once I finally got out of bed) and poured some honey it in to sweeten it up a bit! Took a couple of sips to make sure it tasted okay and went up to my room. Sat the coffee down for a bit and as I looked back up at it.... I saw some clumps. Assuming the honey clumped up I went to stir it up and this is what I found.......
AHH! Drinking coffee will never be the same.
Actually it wasn't the coffee... I later did some research and found out the GIANT ANTS had invaded the honey that I used to sweeten my coffee. You're wrong if you think I won't be checking twice before I ever put honey in my coffee again. 

This sunday was so lazy and I really enjoyed it. We woke up late and just hung out around the house. We tried taking our landry to get done and walked about 2-3 blocks with our giant bags, looking like idiots and realized once we made it to our destination that it was closed. It was 4:30 and was suppose to close at 5 so that wasn't cool. So we turned around and made our shameful walk back.

I got to skype with my sister last night which was awesome because I haven't really had the chance to catch up with her much. Hey Ashley :). She found a bunch of old notes from our Junior High years and we reminisced about how weird/ boy crazy we were back then. It was funny.

Monday was a Fun Day!

Happiness - all in a days work: This morning it was really difficult to get out of bed. I think mainly it was because Natalie was usually up before both of us and it was easier to slowly wake-up because she was already up. We miss you Natalie, for more reasons that just the mornings!

Today at work was different due to the fact that Carlos officially has the chicken pox. This is so sad because if he didn't already itch enough, now he has this issue! He has been very good about it though and so far he hasn't been in too much pain (that is noticeable). So everyone has to stay in their specific areas and anyone that hasn't already had chicken pox can't get near him. Thankfully I've already had them so I was able to hang out with everyone! Woo!
I bought a couple of new activity books yesterday to see how the kids reacted to those. It's hit or miss with certain coloring books and games. These particular books were actually a hit! They enjoy the color by numbers, word finds and mazes. YESSS! Easy fun.
I also bought a Disney Princess coloring book for the girls because honestly... every little girl needs Disney in their life. Forget all that feministic bullcrap (excuse my french) because every girl can dream of being a princess and finding a good man in her life! There's no problems with that! Gembli absolutely loved it and was excited to learn all of their names. She didn't care about the Prince's names... and thank goodness because I couldn't remember half of them. She kept pointing to all of the blonde princesses and asking if that was me, lol. It was flattering :) but also super cute.
After I told her she could be Princess Jasmine.
Carlos, even with his chicken pox, was in such a great mood today. He has been on a roll. I give all of the props to his mother. She keeps him happy! He had fun coloring today as well, which is rare and he also had some fun jamming out to some music. Jose was helping him pick songs and they were dancing... very entertaining!

We also played A TON of "hide and seek" today. Which is similar to our version but mainly it just entails them "hiding" and me popping out and finding them because we are only like a bed away from each other, lol, but it was fun. They had to stay in their separate rooms so it made for a fun little game through the window. When life throws your obstacles... you play through them. :)
Isaias helping me "seek" Jose.

The other little girls, Paola and Dulce, are still getting use to the hospital but getting better every single day. They really don't like to leave their mothers side at all yet, but they are so young they may stay that way. Today they were pretty tired but they were enjoying watching us act like fools as we palyed hide and seek haha. So I got a few laughs out of them for that.
Dulce and her Mother

I think I am going to start printing out a few of the pictures I have of each of the children and make a scrapbook page for their mothers. I doubt they have many pictures of them, especially during this time and I really think they would enjoy to have some of the really happy pictures. Because I have been thinking about doing that I really wanted to get a picture of every single child.
The baby girl, Julisa, I thought may have passed away is still with us. She has been in and out of intensive care due to her breathing issues. I think she is okay for now but they still have her flagged red. I guess we will see how things turn out. Her mother asked me if I wanted to hold her today! I was pretty nervous about it but I did it and she was actually very calm..... I sang her "twinkle twinkle little star"! Her tiny hands grip your fingers and you know she is aware you are there. 
These pictures are very sad but it's the reality of the unit.
Julisa and her Mother

Also a GREAT thing about today was that Isaias did not cry once while I was there. He doesn't like to show that he is happy but once he does it's always great. I really like him so I hope that he can start to open up even more because once I feel like there is progress it all starts back over. Sigh.
As you saw earlier he was helping me catch Jose in hide and seek and was having fun with it. Later today I was letting him play around with my camera. I really want a nice picture of him for his mother but he is very stubborn!! Haha. I don't want to take pictures of the children if they don't want it so I let him take pictures of me today. I was just being extra weird trying to make him laugh and it worked.
After he had fun laughing at how ridiculous I was and learning how to use the camera... he really wanted me to take a picture of him... Score! And he was excited to show off that beautiful smile of his that we do not see near enough! 
As you can see today was a great day! After such a long week last week it was really relieving to start my week off this wonderful. I was excited to share all the photos with everyone so you can see how amazing these kids truely are even after all that they have been through/ go through every day. They are the bomb!

Jose modeling
One last thing... just for fun. Proof that Jose cheats at the Memory game ... and that's why he beats me every. single. time.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
Thanks for reading... I love sharing this with ya'll!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  1. If you brought Paola or Carlos back with you i wouldnt mind. actually any of the kids for that matter. i still cant get over how precious they are. And i love that Jose's mom just sits there as he cheats haha. So i know that you have been getting new games and activities for the children, but just where exactly are you buying them at? And i loved reading that Isais finally opened up to you and wanted you to take a picture of him, way to work your magic girl!

    miss you!

  2. Next time you play hide and seek the word "donde?" will help you out A LOT. Enjoy the videos, tell Jose he needs to distract you before cheating next time.

  3. The badA sista!!!March 21, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    Yay I love being mentioned :) hehe and omg I absolutely LOVE the name Gembli (If I am pronouncing it right?) lol anyway, those coloring books looked like they were definitely a hit and I agree on every girl needing to be able to act like a princess!! so cute <3 anyway miss ya hurry home!! CHILIFEST T-minus 23 days!!!!